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Project Description


When it comes to older neighborhoods, homeowners can face unique challenges. Plants are often at maturity, shrubs may be woody and concrete driveways are often starting to show wear and tear with unsightly cracks and stains.

Bringing a dated front yard landscape back to life may require demolition of the primary yard features....the older plant material, the patchy grass and the tired driveway. Our clients at this property were looking to accomplish just that. They needed fresh design perspective, some creative suggestions and a landscape plan that would tie together all of their landscape wish list ideas.


Construction Challenge


Some clients travel a winding road to their final material choices and plant selections. As with many clients, the homeowners here experienced a number of challenges dialing down their options. They were both surprised and overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities for paving stones, turf styles, outdoor lights, and trees, bushes and plants.

The considerations included which pavers to use in their yard and why. They needed to decide between natural sod and artificial turf, weighing the pros and cons of each. They had to take a look at water usage and choose between traditional plantings and more eco-friendly, drought-tolerant softscape selections. The low voltage lighting presented an entirely different set of considerations, including what lights to use where and how best to position them. The decisions seemed endless. Ultimately, they turned to our Landscape Designer for guidance, advice and recommendations.

During Construction

Design Resolution


With a laundry list of issues to address, our Landscape Designer worked diligently to walk the homeowners through the maze of choices they needed to make in terms of hardscape and softscape materials.

His strategy was a well-considered ground up approach. They started with paver samples for the driveway and walkway until they narrowed down the choices to just the right style, size and color. After that, they discussed natural grass vs. synthetic turf. Their budget considerations lead them to a beautiful natural sod solution that covered fewer square feet than the original lawn but still provided them with the lush green look they wanted. Next, they moved onto the softscape.

For many homeowners, the plants are the biggest mystery....what plants should you select for the best color? Which ones offer the lowest maintenance possibilities? What are the growth rates of the various trees? All of these questions presented our client with a tremendous challenge.

To assist with the selection process, our Landscape Designer took the time to accompany the client to several local plant nurseries to discuss the myriad of options. This allowed our client to see the various softscape options, talk about how the plants "sleep" in year one, "creep" in year two and "leap" in year three, and then use our exclusive "Softscape Wish List" to determine just the right plants, shrubs and trees to use in their new landscape design.

When our crews were done working their magic, the homeowners had a new front courtyard to welcome visitors, a modern paver driveway and a mix of softscape that perfectly framed and highlighted the exterior of the home. Another terrific front yard transformation!


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